Heidi Minich, MS, NCC Certified Professional Counselor
Heidi Minich, MS, NCCCertified Professional Counselor

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Are you feeling dissatisfied with an area of your life?  Feeling stuck or repeating unhealthy patterns?  In need of emotional healing? Do you desire to live life more fully? I am here to help you become more self-aware and self-loving so that you may experience greater well-being and life satisfaction.


I am a certified professional counselor with a background in providing solution-focused, strength-based, client-lead therapy.  I am also an enthusiatic student at the PA Gestalt Center and am passionate about the Gestalt approach to living life more fully.


I am a deeply caring, perceptive and intuitive therapist, dedicated to helping those I serve in my practice to grow in self-love, to know their needs/wants and to actively get those needs/wants met.  It is my true desire to listen, to understand, to provide safety and encouragement.  I will honor your own knowing and beliefs as I assist you with your journey of self-discovery.

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Heidi Minich, MS, NCC


Wellspring Holistic Center

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