Heidi Minich, MS, NCC Certified Professional Counselor
Heidi Minich, MS, NCCCertified Professional Counselor

Therapeutic Modalities

I use an integrative approach to help clients identify and attain their personal growth goals.  Below are some of the therapeutic modalities I may employ:


Client Centered Therapy: Client centered therapy is focused on the therapist establishing a warm, safe environment for the client, and providing genuine empathy. The therapist normally does not give advice.


Solution-Focused Therapy: Solution focused therapy seeks to establish goals and solutions to a client’s problem that utilize the client’s strengths. The client sets their own goals and is aided by the therapist through psycho education and interactive counseling.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive behavioral theory stems from the idea that people are characterized by how they think about the world, and that the way they think and interpret events leads to emotional responses. 


Gestalt Therapy: Gestlat therapy focuses on the present and is an experiential form of therapy.  Creative and experimental techniques are used to enhance awareness, freedom and self-direction.

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